Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day blog readers!

Sega godisar är gott! ©Ingrid Booz Morejohn

This is an appropriate day to thank everyone (You the Reader) who visits and reads this blog. I have to admit, it's a kick to log-in and see if anyone has checked in and read something, getting a comment is a real high! (Please comment more ;-) From my blog feed I can see when friends I know check-in, recognizing their geographic location but of course not knowing 100% if it's them or someone in the same city. I've had people visit from all over the globe: Australia, Mexico, Venezuela, Thailand, Indonesia, Israel, Korea, Philippines etc and several islands in the Caribbean (looking mostly for postings about my boatbuilder/artist brother Chris). If Duluth, Georgia doesn't check in every day I begin to worry that either I've lost their interest (who are you?) or they're away or sick or something. I personally know most of my "Followers", good friends from way back. One though is someone I've never met, hello Qin! 

35% of the visitors come from Sweden (of course), 35% from the US, and a good portion from China. Besides those who visit regularly and read basically everything I post, favorite topics are Chinese festivals, anything Tibetan, my brother-in-law Miche Booz (!) and anything to do with photography. The more I post, of course, the wider the topic choice will be. As you can see my minds wanders considerably. Blogging is both very rewarding and exhausting, it takes a lot of time but I enjoy it immensely. We'll see if I can keep up the pace though, 127 postings in just about as many days. Thank-you all so much for looking in, feel free to take a candy! Välkommen åter.


  1. I would LOVE to have a handful, or two or even three of that candy now, but, not for another month...:-D
    And THANK YOU Ingrid for giving me some air from the other side of the world, for richening my life with your witty comments, with your news about you and the darling family, for teaching me things I didn't know before, for inspiring me about photography and always keep me longing for more. I really do appreciate your work and effort you know. And yesterday I got my brand new little Lumix LX3 camera in the post!! Now I just have to decide wheter or not I'm ready to accept the challenging work of getting a blog of my own with a focus on photos. Do I have the guts and the stamina and is anybody REALLY interested...?? Well, we'll see.
    Happy Valentine's Day and lots of love always to you on the 13th floor!
    Love, AnBr

  2. Well - you live in the land of gummy candies so it should be easy, but I know that you have been holding back lately and have had very successful results, congrats! Thanks so much too for such effusive praise (wow!) and glad to hear that you have the camera now in hand. When you start your blog, rest assured, I'll be a follower. Adivce: in the beginning don't be too ambitious, just post a few things every now and then. It'll just be the family and friends that will be looking (post in Swedish probably best?). Most important I would say is to keep text short and pictures few, only the best, otherwise people will get bored. Those who don't know you that it, we who love you will of course hang on every word and dwell on every image! På återseende!