Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Herrings and eggs

[Follow up on posting below]. When we went to bed last night the d-mned kids had put cornflakes in the entire bed. Now I'm the stupid pickled herring with egg on my face! (I'm secretly proud of them for getting the last word in).

April first you stupid herring

I tricked my kids into eating a stew made out of yak meat and Sichuan dog meat sausage today. Actually it was a brilliant bouef bourguignon that was mouth-wateringly scrumptious that I spent all day making but they fell for it anyway, good kids that they are. I told them that this is the kind of food they are going to eat when we go off on our planned horse trek to Munigou Valley in a few weeks and that they had better start getting used to it. That didn't phase them - they're really keen on this trek - and they dug in and thought it wasn't half bad, albeit with very sceptical looks on their faces and only tiny tastes in the beginning. When I told them it was all an April Fool's joke the food went down a whole lot faster! 

As we say in Swedish: April April din dumma sill which in English translates as the ridiculous sounding: April first April first you stupid pickled herring.