Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Birthdays and plane tickets

My son Burton turned 12 today, congratulations! 

Burton: You have delighted us for eleven wonderful years (me an extra nine months) and having you in my life is the best thing that ever happened to me.... but it's full-fare plane tickets from now on.....when can you start working? ;-) xxoo mamma

Malous bokklubb TV4

Har precis fått reda på av vänner i Sverige att min bok "På kinesiskt vis" togs upp idag (28/1) på Malous bokklubb på TV4s program Efter tio. Boken recenserades av Lottie Knutson (Fritidsresors informationschef). Vill ni se avsnittet om just reseböcker (inte bara min utan andra aktuella böcker togs upp, tex förlagskollegans Britt-Marie Bergman Saengkhamchus Resa i Thailand m fl) kan ni se den här. Roligt det här, Lottie K tyckte mycket om boken ("en fantastisk fin bok"). Man är som ett barn när man får lite beröm av fröken!

#1 Today's picture 090128

Natural History Museum, Pitt Rivers, Oxford, England ©Ingrid Booz Morejohn

One of my ambitions with this blog was to get my pictures out there for everyone to look at and comment on. I love comments - makes me feel like someone is actually looking at this blog besides myself - and I thoroughly enjoy photography and images. So I promise to post one photograph a day, every day of the year and hope that each one is of a class that will capture someone's attention just like this crocodile did.