Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My new books have arrived!

2008 has been an exhausting year so far. Everyday life in a large city in China seldom lacks dull moments but this year has provided more than it's fair share of natural disasters, ethnic clashes, major sporting events and much more. One shouldn't complain however, it is always interesting living here and wasn't that one of the reasons for leaving a warm, cozy home in Sweden?
In between all this high octane local entertainment I finally finished the two books on China and Chinese culture that I have talked about for the past two years (thanks for your patience). This week I got my copies and I am tickled pink (if you are still allowed to use that expression). They are already in the bookshops in Sweden and on Internet book sites like Bokus and Adlibris. Sorry to disappoint all you English readers, for the moment they are only in Swedish. The Swedish titles translate as Chinese Symbols and Doing Things The Chinese Way. At the beginning of the year I also updated my China travel handbook Resa till Kina, which has now, after just two years in circulation, come out with it's 2nd edition. Thank-you all for buying lots of copies! (Now please go out and do the same with my two new books :-)

Five Feet Off The Ground

Finding a name for this blog wasn't as easy as I had thought. Should I include "China" in the name? Too restricting, what if I branch out and write about something other than China? Should I include my name? Too saccharine, two boring, too long! So wanting to get this project into cyberspace as soon as possible I settled for something self-explanatory. (Although most of the time I am actually only two feet off the ground, reading a book in bed). 

Welcome to Ingrid's world of large and small observations of life in China and Asia. Please feel free to comment, but only nice things of course ;-). 

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