Friday, February 13, 2009

Kocka and Loki, cats and relationships

Kocka and Loki 090213 ©Ingrid Booz Morejohn
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What is more appropriate than posting a cat picture on Friday the 13th? For more than two weeks now we've been responsible for two cats while our friends are away on vacation. The cats have stayed at their own home and we have gone there everyday to feed them. Today was the first day when the cats actually showed themselves more than a streak of fur flashing by to hide under the sofa. Or to stick their nose out when it was meal time. We've tried everything to lure them out to play but they've had none of it. Actually I could only find one of the cats. Couldn't figure out where the other one was and looked everywhere until Burton found it perched in the windowsill hiding behind a curtain. 

I've got a dear friend who's been having trouble lately, faulting herself for the failure of a long relationship even though it was the partner who had wandered off with someone else. She keeps asking herself what she could have done to make it not happen, what she did do that caused it etc etc. She owns both cats and dogs so I told her to stop blaming herself, that we women are like dogs, always desperate to be liked and win approval, wagging our tails with our tongue hanging out, hoping that someone will pay us a crumb of attention and make us feel loved and included. Men are like cats, couldn't care less what people think of them and do any damn thing they please. Now how's that for a blatant generalization? Made my friend laugh and feel a little better though. As for Kocka and Loki their Mum and Dad are coming home tomorrow so I don't have to keep sucking up to them any longer, dog that I am. 


  1. No, no, NO!! That sounds terrible!! I DON'T want to be categorized as a dog, waiting and desperately hoping for a crumb of attention and hoping someone will like me and maybe even love me. I want to be free and strong and careless, like a cat. Waiting for men to suck up to me and pat me on the back for a glimpse of MY attention. And still... oh, it's so sad... I'm a dog in every sense of the word... I'm ashamed to say so, but you know it's true Ingrid! HOWEVER... you also know I'm working on the transformation... maybe not from man to wolf but from woman to cat... wishing and hoping and praying...

  2. Hello Cat Woman - you know what they say about her and why she is so dangerous ;-) See what I mean, you don't want to act like a dog but your last sentence reveals you to still be one. But at least try and be a Pit Bull Terrier and go out and bite the hell out of some man.