Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snatching food from a beggar

It's been an interesting day.


...my husband went out, got a haircut, came back looking like Pauli Walnuts in The Sopranos, went out again, had another haircut, and now looks like Gustav Wasa.


... we went to dinner, ordered too much food, asked for two doggy bags, one for Emy's lunch tomorrow and one to give to any street person we might come across on the way home. Walking home we found a man rummaging through a bag of old restaurant slops. I asked "Would you like some spare ribs?" He answered "Yes". I gave him one of the doggy bags and walked on. A minute later Burton says "I guess I'll give some other beggar the spare ribs". Realizing that I had given away the wrong doggy bag (Emy wanted the sweet-n-sour pork for lunch) I went back to the beggar - who was just opening up the bag I had given him -  and said "I made a mistake, here are the spareribs", switched the bag out of his hands and took back the sweet-n-sour pork.

When Gustav Wasa passed by a few minutes later the beggar was happily eating the spare ribs. 

Emy's going to have a great school lunch tomorrow.

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