Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gatherings, party and new followers

Is this a gathering or a party? ©Ingrid Booz Morejohn 

I've got a new follower, yippee! Welcome Mr. Li from Lund. I highly recommend everyone to read my new follower's own blog about being Chinese in Sweden (Lund to be specific). Li's blog is called "Little Encyclopedia of Li" and can be found here. He' s not been posting for very long but what is there is both fascinating, sharp-minded and hilarious, a kind of stream of consciousness mental wandering of interesting topics, opinions and thoughts. Here's an excerpt:

Gathering and Party
Yesterday we had a party. Party is one kind of gathering, a gathering of people. If people are all dead, gathering becomes collection. Yesterday's gathering was also a food exhibition, and gathering can also be drinks (usually alcohol) exhibition, and later stupid performance show (I joined this show many times).

That's parties in Sweden. In China we don't have parties. We have something similar to party, that's gathering. People come and sit and talk and drink and eat and leave. That's enjoys for guests, but not for hosts. Hosts will do all of the stuffs. When we were poor (I mean 10 or more years ago) we did this because time was not valuable for us, now people always went to restaurant, for example, my mother doesn't want her carpet to be dirtied.

...[there's more!]

Now tell me Mr. Li, are you the Mr. Li that I think you are or are you another Mr. Li? I'm curious and invite you to comment and exchange thoughts on each others blogs!


  1. Ahha, I'm Pierre Li which you know very well!

  2. Hello Pierre! I thought it was you :-) I'm very happy to see what you are up to, it's GREAT! I thought that I had lost you, sent you a message through Facebook but no reply. Good to see that you are well. I am so interested in folllowing your thoughts, we miss you over here in Chengdu and Paddy misses you in Oxford. Please let us keep in touch with comments on each others blogs. I want to know what you think. Look at my posting on huajiao so you miss home! Take care...