Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ze Puppies Bookworm Friday April 24

Charles Dupont 090419 ©Ingrid Booz Morejohn

Ze Puppies (Burton Booz, Charles Dupont, Romain Rabany and new member bass player Harley Fagan Jr) will be playing this Friday (April 24) at the Bookworm, 8.30 pm. Please: friends, family and friendly strangers, come and listen and give them encouragement. They have a few new rocking songs in their repertoire and if all goes well they will play again on May 12th at the earthquake benefit. Better come early if you want to sit down, see you there!


  1. Good luck guys!

  2. I hope you can see them on June 1st, if they do the quake benefit on Children's Day, we'll see. They are doing a Ramones song!

  3. I´m really looking forward to that!
    Kram Anki