Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Emy turns 10!

Happy Birthday Emy!  Grattis på födelsedagen! 

Emy turned 10 today and is over the moon with fun on her birthday: apple pie, lot's of new clothing, a new bicycle, a cool Swiss Army knife and a new Cd of this year's Swedish Melodifestival. She also just beat me and Paddy in a game of Round-the-World Basketball. We're off to the Bookworm now for a barbecue dinner and cake but also to listen to Burton sing again with Ze Puppies for the Earthquake Anniversary Benefit. That bad old earthquake really ruined Emy's special day last year but she was very good about it when she learned how it had affected other people''s lives and families in much, much worse ways. 

Emy you are the best daughter I could ever imagine having, everyday you make our lives so much more fun and interesting and your character, cool sense, quirky humor, generosity and general all round goodness makes me puff up with pride and love everyday. We also think you're darned cute. We love you! Congratulations! Kram Mamma, Pappa, Burton och Mormor


  1. Jag kan bara instämma! Låt oss hoppas att min dotter tar efter dig, det har ju redan börjat för hon är en liten toka och hennes röst är lika hög och gäll som din en gång var:-)

    Många kramar igen!

  2. And don't forget I love you too Emy, my sweet "partner in mischief... ;-)"
    Det ska vara ett litet paket på väg hoppas jag... PussOKram!!!

  3. She's TEN? My mind, she is blown. Happy Birthday Emy!

  4. A very late but heartfelt Happy All Of Your Birthdays Emy! A funny coincidence to note, Lilly got a swiss army knife for her 10th birthday as well!
    Many blessings pretty one, love A. Rachel