Monday, May 11, 2009

Swine flu and Jiuzhaigou

I have just noted two things: we now have our first case of swine flu in Chengdu and the National Geographic published a photographic article on Jiuzhaigou (photographer Mike Yamashita) in the March issue of the magazine. No one that I know in Chengdu has commented on the swine flu or the Jiuzhaigou article that is now two months old. Are we that blaisé? 

By the way, nice pictures Mike!


  1. Mike Yamashita, sounds like a Japanese name...

  2. Mike is an American born of Japanese parents. He has been photographing articles about China and Asia for many years now.

    Comment on swine flu: several friends have not sent emails, one with the interesting comment that only 130 people were supposedly accounted for from the airplane flight to Chengdu, the other 20 are thought to be wondering around Jiuzhaigou now. Lot's of fresh air there, but don't stand too close to each in line!