Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blogspot blocked in China

Hello Everyone!

I'm back from my trip and am dying to post pictures and text but Blogspot has been blocked in China for a couple of weeks now so it is going to be hit and miss to get anything out to all of you around the world. Followers in China: don't give up hope! You can still read this blog through a proxy server but hopefully things will get back to normal shortly (a country this size should be mature enough to take criticism and negative commments, COME ON!). I am posting this through a backdoor and hope that I will be able to continue posting text, although pictures seem to be another matter all together.

Please be patient and thanks again all you faithful followers...I miss you!


  1. I miss you too darling! Hope to read about all your adventures and daily life sooooon!!
    Have been checking in here every now and again to see if anything's happened. So nice to see you, sort of back again. Perhaps it will get bettern now that "tjugoårsjubileet" is over and done with you know.
    Love and kisses to you all!! :-)

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