Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dangers of being a taxi driver

I was on my way with a few colleagues to North Market yesterday morning travelling in a van on Renmin Nanlu. In front of us was a taxi and the morning traffic all around was brisk and heavy. Suddenly the passenger side door of the taxi in front flew open and a man threw himself out of the moving taxi, crashing and rolling onto the pavement and then leaping to his feet. We slowed down and drove carefully around him, avoiding hitting him. He didn't have any shoes on and had a switchblade in his right hand. He was in his 20s and stared wildly around, brandishing the knife in the air. As we drove by we could see the astonished face of the taxi driver staring at him. The last thing we can see through the rear view mirror is the crazy man jumping onto the roof of the cab as all the other cars try to drive around the stopped cab....


  1. Hej vilken nice blogg du har! letar efter bloggar att följa änsålänge bara hittat denna och

    några förslag på andra bra?

  2. I have tried and tried to comment on your posts. I enjoy reading your words and am thrilled with your art. I am sorry I cannot figure out how to send kudos to you. Perhaps this one will work.

  3. Önskar dig en trevlig fortsättning på midsommar helgen !