Thursday, January 29, 2009

A camera in the pocket is worth...

Rollei 35, silver model. Maker: Werke Franke & Heidecke

...a dozen cameras still left in their camera bag. "Susanna" graciously commented on one of my postings yesterday. She's a Leica lover too. I started to answer her comment, but thought it might be more fun to share with other camera lovers...

When I got serious about photography in the early 1980s I carried a small Rollei 35SE in my pocket with me everywhere I went, even to work. It was a funny little camera with a lens that you could pull out and rotate-lock into position. You also had to "judge" the focusing distance. When I got it right - and with practice this was no problem - the Carl Zeiss Tessar lens was very sharp. I loved this little camera that was no bigger that a pack of cigarettes (which were in my other pocket at the time). The photographs from this camera led to my first book. Afterwards I travelled for some years with two Leica CLs with only two lenses, a 40mm and 90 mm; one body for color film and one for black and white. Since then I have owned many cameras, many lenses and switched back and forth between Nikon and Canon for the larger bodies. Unfortunately I no longer own either the Rollei or the Leica CLs, I could never afford to keep them when I had to buy new cameras. Today I'm lucky enough to own a range of cameras but it's still the "little camera" that I love most and have with me every day; easy to slip into a pocket or purse, very reliable and a compact camera that doesn't "dumb down" the photographer, allowing you to make the decisions when to use flash etc. 


  1. Oh, yes. Always my small camera with me. You never know ;-)

  2. Also a beauty....!!

    But I am waiting for Hasselblad to get back on track with 6X6 thank you....hmmm

  3. I don't even know if I've ever held a Hasselblad in my hand. Scary, too expensive! I've inherited my father's old Rolleiflex and would love to get some real film and fool around with it, love the 6 x 6 format and also looking through the top of the camera, instead of pointing it in someone's face. Someday I'll get around to it. Oh, the pleasures ahead!

  4. You will love it I am sure!

    I have one but not with digital system. U know the digital system only takes 6 X 4,5 and it's a shame really. So I am waiting.....

  5. Ser nu att vi har byt från svenska till engelska! Du vet att din och Bertils bok togs upp på Malous bokklubb efter10 i onsdags? Fick mycket beröm! Det kan du väl ta upp på din blogg, men du kanske är van vid beröm - är du samma Susanna Asklöf som är på nätet/hem.passagen? Verkar så, resebilderna är från Thailand. Mycket snygga bilder ;-) Ja du, Hasselblad, hade någon slängt en åt mitt håll hade jag inte sagt nej. En digital Leica hade varit trevligt...dream on woman!