Thursday, January 29, 2009


© Emy Booz

My daughter has pagoda-itis. She can't stop making Lego pagodas. All you sinophiles out there should recognize these two: one is the oldest pagoda in China and the other is very much like the most famous pagoda in the country. Come on, give it a go and post your guess of their names!


  1. Den högra - Liuhe pagoda i Hangzhou kanske?
    Den vänsta tror jag är fr Tibet men kan inte komma på namnet
    Kram Anki

  2. Wrong on both accounts! But thanks so much for giving it a go.

    Right) Liuhe Ta (Six Harmonies Pagoda) is hexagonal, not four-sided. But it is very famous, probably China's second most famous pagoda. Correct answer: Dayanta (Big Wild Goose Pagoda) in Xian. Tang Dynasty, 652.

    Left) You are correct that some Tibetan buildings look like this. This is the Simenta (Four Gate Pagoda), located in Liubu, outside of Jinan, Shandong Province (Sui Dynasty, ca 611 AD). I made a mistake, this is not the oldest remaining pagoda per se, it's the oldest stone pagoda. The oldest brick pagoda is the Songyue Pagoda from 523, Henan. The oldest wooden pagoda is the Fugongsi Ta, Yingxian, Shanxi (11th century) . By oldest I mean the oldest remaining pagodas today.