Monday, January 5, 2009

Earthquake charity photo sale update

Once more I want to say thank-you to all who bought my photographs at the CIWC Christmas Bazaar - we sold a lot of prints! The money from the proceeds has been given to the two quake relief organizations: Ecologia and Sichuan Quake Relief. We do however still have prints for sale and I made up another batch of the most popular ones. These have been deposited at The Bookworm in Chengdu (# 2-7 Yujie East Street, just by Sunjoy Hotel and Renmin Nanlu) where anyone can now buy them. The money from the Bookworm sales will also go to the charities.
Sichuan Quake Relief

Read an article today (posted Dec 28, 2008) with a sour-sweet slant from The New York Times (link here). It's titled Romance and Recovery in Quake Area, and tells of people who lost their spouses getting together and starting life anew. Even though a little happiness might have crept into some of their lives most of them still need our help to keep them going through the long, cold winter. 

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