Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chengdu Panda Hash Harrier Red Dress Charity Run

The things foreigners (and quite a few local Chinese friends) get up to. Chengdu's very own Panda Hash Harriers had a Charity Hash Run on Sunday Feb 15. Everyone was dressed in red, men in red drag of course - to benefit Sichuan Quake Relief.  I wasn't there but got a look at it on Facebook today and found more pictures on their website. The local Chengdoodlians that lived along the Hash route seem to have enjoyed the spectacle enormously! 

For anyone who doesn't know what the international Hash Harrier "thing" is visit their website or look up Hash House Harrier on Wikipedia. As they explain it, they're a "Drinking Club with a Running Problem". On any Hash Run there's usually lot's of beer and shenanigans involved but all with good fun (and here a good cause) in mind. The Hash in Hash Harrier refers to food by the way...

You guys looked great! (Johnny D and Barry J - you look sexier as women than men :-)

(Photos courtesy of CPHH website and Peter Samuels)


  1. Ingrid, how on earth could you NOT introduce me to these hot guys when I visited Chengdu??
    That is definitely a must for next time! :-)

  2. Loved the guys who did their bit,loved the fun.