Thursday, March 5, 2009

Train to Lhasa Part 3 more photos...

The best social life is always found in hard seat. A game of elephant chess (xiangqi) passes the time for muslims planning to get off in Qinghai and three Tibetan kids get probably their first view of a camera-curious Westener.
Train conductresses and inspector ladies make sure you don't cause any problems and also get back on the train before it leaves without you. For those not fortunate enough to get a seat in hard seat a newspaper and mobile phone will help to pass time.
For those who didn't want to eat in the restaurant car there were numerous trollies that came several times a day with food boxes, cut fruit, beer, drinks and snacks. When we reached higher altitudes all our sealed packages expanded and threatened to explode! But otherwise no leaky pens or any other damage or problems with computers or harddrives. ©Ingrid Booz Morejohn
Nice new bathrooms but Day 2 the garbage started to pile up. ©Ingrid Booz Morejohn


  1. I wanna go to Lhasa on a train!!! Thank you Ingrid for all interesting info and wonderful photos on your blog ;-)

  2. Yepp, it's lot's of fun, a great trip. Even though it takes 48 hours the time flies. Just like the Transsiberian Railway! Unfortunately Tibet is off limits at the moment. Probably won't be open again until after March. Maybe we can make a trip together, the train leaves from Chengdu too! Welcome home by the way! Great that you had such a good time in India, lyckost dig!