Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pickled bullfrog

©Paddy Booz

On Sunday we went to Jia Jönsson's 40th birthday party at Pinde Bar, in the (since last year) newly deconstructed/reconstructed Kuanzhai Xiangzi in Chengdu. Pinde Bar specializes in western food and a wide selection of imported and domestic beers. The food was just fine, but our eyes quickly latched onto the buffet sign for pào jiāo niú  牛蛙: pickled bullfrog. This particular dish is for bullfrog in a kind of Sichuan chili-pepper pickle sauce. I seem to remember that I prefer my bullfrog in a French cream sauce but last time I ate bullfrog was in 1969 so I'm not too clear about it.

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