Monday, May 9, 2011

Assignment 10 Malmfälten: Konst på distans: Washes and wet on wet

Chinese kites
Yak skull

Carp in lilly pond, Bamboo Park, Chengdu.

The top two pictures were painted specifically for this lesson. I had a huge amount of problems because of the almost total lack of light in wintertime Chengdu. The kites were painted from a photograph I took in summertime. The teacher commented that I should add more washes to create more shadows and depth. The yak skull is from a skull I have in my workroom, but I would have loved more light to create more interesting shadows. Both were done with Van Gogh watercolors in a tube.

The carp in the lilly pond was my probably my first attempt at watercolors. Painted a few years ago on very poor paper lacking both weight and structure. The hibiscus is my second watercolor, a hibiscus outside our bungalow in Thailand, three Christmases ago. Made on proper cold-pressed watercolor paper, Cotman paints, nothing special. Boring subject (HOW MANY hibiscuses have been painted in this world??) but an easy flower to paint. It's important to feel good about your paintings!

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