Monday, May 9, 2011

Malmfälten folkhögskola Konst på distans/Internet art course

For the past 16 weeks I have participated in an art course at Malmfälten Folkhögskola in Kiruna, Northern Sweden. Since you know that I live in Southwestern China you might wonder how on earth this could be?? The Internet of course! It has been absolutely wonderful - the entire course is online. Every week we are given an assignment, reference material (books that we have bought at the beginning of the course) and a due date. We complete the work, scan it and then send it in. We have wonderful teachers who then send us back personalized comments and encouragement. We can also share our work with our "course mates" via the school's internal blog forum. One of the last assignments is putting your work "online" for all to see and comment. So here goes!

Malmfältens folkhögskola:

Art courses/Konstskola på distans

18 weeks/study rate: part time (50% of full normal schedule).

Definition of Folkhögskola:
"Folkhögskola" is a Scandinavian form of adult education. The first school was founded in 1844 in Rødding, Denmark.

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